Getting to know an unfamiliar house can be a bit of a learning process. Factors such as space and furniture can differ from one to the next, making it difficult to come up with new cleaning routines to figure out what works best for you and your house.


For visible crumbs, hairs or dirt, Ultravac suggests using a cordless Swivel Sweeper to clean hardwood floors on a daily or as-needed basis. The Swivel Sweeper isn’t the most powerful vacuum on the market but the fact that it is agile and easy-to-use makes up for it. Make sure the battery is charging all the time so when you spot visible dirt or crumbs, you can opt for the swivel sweeper to suck them all up.

The design of the swivel sweeper makes it extremely light and nimble. It’s very easy to get right in the nooks and crannies of the kitchen and on top of cabinets. It’s even easy enough to push it underneath the refrigerator and other heavy. The rotating brushes on the sweeper won’t pick up everything, but it does a fairly good job of getting most of it. We recommend using this sweeper a 2-3 x a week.


Once a week we recommend using a Hardwood Floor Spray Mop with a hardwood floor cleaner. You will find this far better to use than using an old-school bucket and mop. What you’ll need to do is attach a mop-pad to the bottom of the spray mop and squirt the floor using a lever on the handle of the mop as you go.

In case you’re worried the floor cleaner may leave a slight residue or haze on the hardwood floors- no need to fret because we have never had any such case. Using this will make your hardwood floors look a million dollars and as shiny as the day you moved in.

So there you have it, that’s Ultravac’s simple and effective method for keeping hardwood floors clean. Using this equipment and following these processes are easy to maintain and work into a busy routine.

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